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                Elevator AC/Heater
                Escalator Safety Brushes
                Elevator IC Card System
                Elevator Emergency Rescue Device
                Elevator Annunciator System
                Elevator IR Multi-beam Screen Detector
                Elevator Five-sides Intercommunication System
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                China International Elevator Fair 2008
                Beijing:174sets of elevator re-innovated
                Shenzhen:3 faulty found among 100sets of elevators
                About the safety standard of escalator
                Guide for using an escalator
                Escalator safety brushes specialist
                How to install escalator safety brushes?
                The trend of maintaining elevator-Remote Maintaini
                 Elevator Annunc 
                 Elevator IR Mul 
                 Main phone set 
                 Elevator Emerge 
                 Elevator Emerge 
                 Escalator Safet 
                 Escalator Safet 
                       As the No.1 brand specialized in making Elevator AC/Heater in China, LIFTOP was founded in 1998 with the vision to make hi-quality product for its customers, it is the only cost-efficient alternative for first class comfort control in today’s elevators. Water-free, low-noise, safety, lightweight, erosion-resistance, energy-saving, easy-installation and eco-friendly are the 8 essentials to describe our 3rd generation AC/Heater. So far, LIFTOP has been supplying Elevator AC and Elevator accessories to Otis, Hitachi, Schindler, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Fujitec, Kone in China market. Our products were successfully installed and maintained in Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Hilton Hotel, Shenzhen World Finance Centre Tower, Guangzhou GrandBuy Shopping Mall etc.
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